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Trip to Pichavaram and Pondicherry

                    I stayed in Chennai for 20 months but i never find time to visit beautiful places like pondi and pichavaram. As my transfer to Hyderabad was confirmed, i wanted to explore as many places as possible in and around Chennai in the last week. So we planned for 1 day trip to Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, pondicherry and chidambaram temple. Venki, Kamal, Vamsi, Basha, Hussain, Jagadish accompanied me during this trip.                     Immediately after coming to Chennai we planned a two days trip to pondicherry, but due to many reasons it didn't happened. I modified my plan and included pichavaram and chidambaram, but the duration of the trip is reduced to one day. Many friends scared me that 1 day will not be sufficient to cover all these places. But i stick to my plan and covered all the places leisurely. My plan was to start with pichavaram(230km from Chennai), then to chidambaram(15 km from pichavaram) and then in return visiting chunnambar boat house a