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Rohtang Pass

                                  As part of our Himachal trip in December 2010, we went to Rohtang pass, which is situated at distance of 55 km from Manali. We don't have any hope of visiting Rohtang pass, as we are traveling in winter, but still we included that in our itinerary. As the Rohtang pass region receives heavy snowfall and due to the bad road conditions, the road to Rohtang pass is closed almost for 8 months in a year. Even though the road was officially closed on the day we reached Manali, at our own risk we went there and enjoyed the beautiful snow peaks traveling through the one of the world's dangerous roads.   (Source:-                                 In this block I'm going to give a brief intro about the Rohtang pass for all those people, who don't know about one of the best travel destinations in India. Rohtang Pass at an altitude of 13,051 ft  is a high mountain pass on the eastern Pi