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Trek to Mysterious Island

After I uploaded mysterious island trek pics on Facebook, many of my friends are curious to know about this place and they were really surprised to know that such a place exist in Andhra Pradesh. I read about this mysterious island somewhere on the net and really waited for my chance to go there. Finally with the help of Hyderabad Trekking club and Soorya prakash, i got a chance to visit this beautiful mysterious island. Location & History: Yelleswaragutta - mysterious island is located on Krishna river, upstream to Nagarjuna sagar. It is situated very near to famous Nagarjunakonda. There is no fixed transport facility to reach this island. This island is actually a hill and there is one Siva temple on the top of the hill. The temple will be opened once in a year and during that period at-least 5000 people visit that temple. How to reach there? There are two ways to reach Mysterious island. Difficult way - First we have to reach Devarakonda(110km) from Hyderabad, T

Trek to Bhuvanagiri Fort

                                         Many times while passing through bhuvanagiri, i used to think that it is very difficult to reach top of the bhuvanagiri fort, as the mountain is very steep and never though that one day i will be reaching the top, trekking on those steep mountain. I should thank Soorya Prakash, who is friend of mine from many years and Hyderabad Trekking Club for organizing a memorable sunrise trek to Bhongiri fort. This trek and the fort location was far above my expectations and one can enjoy the beautiful views of valleys from the top of the fort. Location: Bhuvanagiri or Bhongiri is at a distance of 40 km from Hyderabad(Uppal) on the Hyderabad- Warangal highway(NH - 202).  View Larger Map History: The fort was supposed to be built by a Chalukyan ruler Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI in the year 1076 and was named after him as 'Bhuvanagiri'. Some of the inscriptions found in the fort were in Kannada and Telugu language that highlighted