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Tales from Ladakh: First day in Ladakh

Delhi to Ladakh again: Our flight is scheduled at 10 AM from Delhi to Leh. We had breakfast @ hotel and started to airport at around 8AM. We reached our departure gate @ T3 terminal by 9AM and came to know that our flight got delayed. Finally after waiting for 2 hours, we boarded the flight. I selected the window seat, so that I can capture the aerial beauty of ladakh. After one hour of flight, we were able to see the dusty and snow capped mountains. This time the sky was so clear and pilot announced that we are going to land in leh airport within 10 minutes. O nce we landed in ladakh, e veryone was sooooo excited, started clapping and shouting in joy.

Tales from Ladakh: Pre Trip Story

Ladakh is one of my dream destination and was waiting for the past 5 years to visit this beautiful place. I guess Ladakh is the only place on earth where you can see deserts, greenery, highest water bodies, snow fall, dusty mountains, Highest passes. Just before my Ladakh trip, I went to the Grand Canyon (listed in the wonders of the world) and I must say that grand canyon is nowhere in comparison with Ladakh. This is my first post as part of Ladakh stories series, will write everything about my trip in next parts.

Trip to Bidar

Even though bidar is located very close to Hyderabad, I never get a chance to explore this beautiful place. Most of the people don't know much about historic significance and heritage of Bidar. Historic monuments in and around bidar belong to bahamani era(1400) and Bidar Fort is one of the biggest fort in India. And the world famous Bidriware are made in Bidar which was awarded with GI status. We should thanks Karnataka tourism for protecting and maintaining these heritages structures.

Murudeshwar Scuba Diving

I tried almost all the adventures like skydiving, bungy jump before doing scuba diving and I must say that scuba diving is the best among them and must try before you die. But ensure that you are doing at correct place. Murudeshwar is best place in India for scuba diving(apart from Andaman and Lakshadweep). My experience exceeded my expectations and dive was amazing.