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My Dream Destinations in India

                                                                  Out of many beautiful destination in India, i traveled few places but still there are more places to visit in my list. In this post I'm going to give a brief intro about my dream destinations, for which I'm planning to travel in near future. So people who interested in visiting my dream destination can join with me. Leh Ladakh :-                     Visiting ladakh will be a life time experience for every one. One must be lucky enough to go there as the road route for the ladakh will be very challenging even for the most experienced drivers. We visited Rohtang pass in manali, after traveling on one of the world's dangerous routes and thought that it was the most riskiest journey in India. But for visiting ladakh, the starting point is rohtang pass which will be followed by dangerous and world's high altitude roads. Leh is the Capital city of Ladakh. It is located at 3505 meters and falls on east of Jamm