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Bungy Jumping in India....

                      I have dreamt of doing Bungy Jumping since my childhood and finally i did it on 4-Nov-2011 at the age of 25. Experience was amazing and breathtaking. I'm not scared much while doing the jump, but when i saw my jump video, i questioned myself whether i'm the person who did that jump. Also three cheers for 'Jumpin Heights' in Rishikesh, for organizing India's best Extreme adventure zone. Bungy jumping destinations?? Jumpin Heights ( ) --- Best in India Della Adventures, (Lonavla) -                    I  did both Bungy jump and flying fox @ Jumpin heights and Bungy Jump is the best between them. I must admit that, I don't have enough guts to do bungy jump, but my passion towards it make me jump without being scared. Even few minutes before the jump, i don't have any scary feeling, but when i&#