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Adventure Destinations - Dandeli

                                       Dandeli which is situated in northern part of karnataka is one the best adventure destinations in south india. Located on the banks of river kali, middle of western ghats, Dandeli provides picturesque views of western ghats. Most of the people may not be aware of this place and for those who are interested in spending    weekend  adventurous , read the post below. Accommodation: Dandeli is famous for Jungle lodges and there are many options for staying. We can book accommodation in dandeli though  or by contacting the resort directly. Among all the resorts in Dandeli, Old Magazine house, Bison resort, Kali Adventure camp and Stanley farm house are famous and provide comfortable stay. Old Magazine House, Dandeli If you are a group of people and looking for budget accommodation then book Old magazine house or Stanley Farm house. Old Magazine house has dormitory which can accommodate at least 20 people at affordab

Paragliding in India

                                 Paragliding is one of the most awe-inspiring adventure sports practiced today. Paragliding involves parachutes, lines and harnesses whereas hang gliders have rigid frames and the pilots are most often in a horizontal position. Mountainous regions are the most suitable destinations for paragliding because of the effect that elevation changes have on wind currents. There are many places in India, where one can learn paragliding or can try Tandem paragliding.                                          (Source: Paragliding in Kamshet, Pune: (Recommended) Kamshet, near to pune is one of the best places for paragliding in India. There are many institutes that offers paragliding training at an affordable prices. If you don't have time for training, then you can opt for tandem paragliding. But avoid going there in monsoon months, as it is unseason for paragliding. For bookings visit:  h

Rafting in India

Rafting is considered as one of the best adventure sports all over the world. Rafting or white river rafting is done using an inflatable raft to  navigate a  river  or other bodies of water.  White water rafting can be a dangerous sport, especially if basic safety precautions are not observed.  Grades in Rafting: Below are the six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. They range from simple to very dangerous and potential death or serious injuries. Grade 1: Flat water, little current. (Skill Level: Very Basic) Grade 2: Bubbling current, small rapids, some rough water, maybe some rocks (Skill level: basic paddling skill) Grade 3: Technical & Exciting, needs trained guide,  small waves, maybe a small drop, but no considerable danger. (Skill level: experienced paddling skills) Grade 4: Big rapids,  medium waves, maybe rocks, maybe a considerable drop.  (Skill level: whitewater experience) Grade 5: Large waves, large volume, possibility of large rocks and hazar

Ananthagiri hills

Ananthagiri hills near vikarabad is situated at a distance of 90km from Hyderabad. It is one of the favorite trekking destinations for the adventure seekers in Hyderabad. Perfect place to spend whole day in the lap of nature.  Forest view from Ananthagiri hills If you don't have much time to read the entire post, please visit the beautiful images of Ananthagiri hills @ How to Reach: Vikarabad,  at a distance of 10km is the nearest town from ananthagiri hills. We have to cross vikarabad in-order to reach ananthagiri hills. By Road:  From Hyderabad, there are two ways for reaching ananthagiri hills through vikarabad. One route is Hyderabad - APPA Junction (outer ring road) - Chilkur - Moinabad -Chevella - Manneguda - Vikarabad (approx 60km from APPA junction). And the other route is JNTU(KPHB) - BHEL - Patancheru - Rudraram - Sadasivpet(turn left) - Mominpet - Kothagadi - Vikarabad (approx 90km). After reachi