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Skydiving in India

 Are you planning for skydiving??? Do you have skydiving in your dream adventure list?? You don't have to go abroad for doing skydiving anymore. In this post, I'm going to give you all the details regarding sky diving camps in India.

Sky Diving in India:
Even though skydiving camps are conducted at various places in India, Dhana(Madhya Pradesh) has became permanent camp for sky diving in India. Sky diving is not organized on regular basis, but conducted very frequently. Dhana is located at a distance of 200km from Bhopal and 400km from Nagpur. 

Please follow the following FBpages for more information about the sky diving camps:
You can get more information about sky diving in India @

Types of Skydiving:

Tandem Jump:
If you are beginner, then you should try tandem jump first. During a tandem jump, the student is attached to an instructor and they both jump together, using the same parachute. Tandem instructors must have at least 500 jumps under their belt before they can become instructors. During the jump, the instructor is the one who pulls the cord when the parachute is reading to be opened. There's little to no training required before a tandem jump, although some schools might require an hour of instruction to explain how to land and how to behave in the air during the jump.This jump is made from atleast 10k ft above sea level.
Static Line Jump:

Static line jumping is also known as automatic opening jumping. The jump is called a static line jump because from the moment you step into the aircraft you will be securely attached to a static line which is designed to automatically open your parachute for you as you exit the aircraft.This jump is made from only 3,000 feet high, with the jumper connected to a line. This line is directly hooked to the plane and opens the parachute automatically after about three seconds of free falling. This method of skydiving requires a few more hours of training -- up to six, depending on the school -- most of which is focused on landing safely.
Accelerated Free fall(AFF):
For students with some practice or who are willing to take a practice course, accelerated free fall is the best jumping option. It allows the jumper to skydive on his own without lines or attaching himself to an instructor. During an accelerated free fall two certified instructors jump at the same time as the skydiver, just in case there's an emergency. However, the skydiver handles the cord, the fall and the landing on his own. The jump is from around 13,000 feet and requires both classroom instruction and hands-on training.

In India, you have option to choose any of the above type of the dive.

Skydiving has its own risks involved. But if you follow instruction correctly, then there won't be any risks or injuries. There were very less cases of skydiving deaths or severe injuries these days. In India, the instructors are very professional and very experienced. So  you don't have to bother about safety, if you are planning for sky diving in India.

  • Tandem skydiving costs between 30 -35k
  • Static line jump with 1.5 days training costs 20k(for one dive), 40-45k for 3 Jumps, 60-65k for 5 Jumps.
  • Accelerated Free Fall: 30-35k (You should have done atleast 10-15 dives previously).
  • For videos and photos, they will charge extra and costs around 2k.
These rates are not fixed. I just gave some close figures.

Weight constraint?
Tandem jumps will have weight constraints. When I spoke with one of the dive instructor in India, he told that diver's weight should be between 50 - 80kgs. Kindly please check the instructor about the weight constraints before the jump. Globally, divers below 90kgs of weight is permissible, above that, they will charge extra amount for the jump.

Checkout my dive experience @

Happy Diving..........


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