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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sahastrakund Waterfalls

Krishna Srivatsa Nimmaraju
I must say that this is one of the best waterfall i ever seen. Most of the people are not aware of this beautiful place, and you wont find much information about this place online. Its all because of surya prakash, i got this opportunity to explore such a beautiful waterfalls.

Sahastrakund(Maharashtra) is situated at a distance of 50km from Nirmal, 100 km from adilabad, 100 km from nanded. This is situated nanded district of Maharashtra. 

How to reach???
By Bus:
Nirmal (50km) is the closest bus station that is connected to most of the places. All the buses that goes from Hyderabad to adilabad will stop at nirmal. From nirmal you have to reach islapur(Maharashtra). There is only one bus operating four times from nirmal to islapur.

By train:
There is one direct train from Hyderabad to sahastrakund, that starts at 9pm from secunderabad and reaches sahastrakund at 3.30 am. Even though most of the seats will be vacant, prior reservation should be best. Actually sahastrakund railway station is located in islapur village. In return you can catch bus to nirmal which will start at 11am from islapur.

By train or by road, you have to reach islapur. From islapur you can catch an auto or go by walk. Waterfall is 6 km from the islapur. Nirmal to islapur distance is around 50 kms. There is no other transportation available from nirmal to islapur, except apsrtc bus service. So please inquire about the return bus timings from islapur to nirmal, otherwise you will end up waiting so many hours in islapur. 

Best time to visit:
July- September is the best time. 

Where to stay??
There are many decent hotels in nirmal. There is no accommodation facilities available near sahastrakund waterfalls. I guess they are planning to construct some resorts near the waterfall, not sure when they will be completed.

Where to eat??
No restaurants or decent food joints near the waterfall or in islapur. So carry enough food with you. There are some small shops they sell snacks and break fast near the waterfall.

Time needed to explore the waterfall???
Once you reach islapur, it will take a maximum of 4 hours, if you explore leisurely. Visit waterfall from both the sides. Don't miss the views of waterfalls from other side of the entrance. You have to walk for 30 mins and cross a bridge to reach the other side of the waterfalls.

Any nearby places????
You can plan to cover kuntala and pochera waterfall along with sahastrakund. But for visiting any of these waterfalls, you have to reach nirmal and then have to catch another 

My trip:
From many days before this trip, soorya used to tell me about this place and also shared so many videos. I was not aware of this place until soorya shared the videos and when i tried to get more information about this place, i didn't get any useful information. So before the trip, i don't have any expectations about the waterfall. When i inquired soorya about his plans on Gandhi jayanthi holiday, he told me that no plans, but asked whether i'm interested to explore sahastrakund. Of-course I said yes. That's how the trip plan started and we both immediately booked the train tickets. Four more people are also supposed to join us, but got dropped in the last minute.

We boarded the train at around 9 pm and most of the seats in the reservation bogie were unoccupied. Train was supposed to reach sahastrakund @ 4am, so we thought that we cant able to woke-up at that time and we had prepared the backup plan also. Our plan backup plan was to get down at adilabad station, catch bus to nirmal then to islapur. But luckily we were able to woke-up, when the train reached sahastrakund. We reached sahastrakund station at around 5am. It was completely dark outside and we thought of taking rest for some time, but decided to walk in the dark.

Sahastrakund waterfalls is almost 6km from the station and it took almost 1 hour for us to reach the waterfall. Many people told that this waterfall should be visited only in the monsoon and post monsoon water flow will be normal, not worth visiting. We have the same thing in our mind. But after walking for 4 km, we started hearing waterfall sound. Still we are not sure whether that is waterfall sound or something else. But those sounds created a hope in us. Finally we reached the waterfall and stunned to see the water flow.

The watch tower, view points will give you spectacular views of the waterfalls. We spend almost 20 mins watching this beautiful waterfall from the watch tower. From the first view point we can able to view only one portion of the waterfall  fully, even from the watch tower you can't able to get the full view of waterfalls. So we planned to go to the other side of the waterfalls after having some breakfast. We went to one small near the waterfall, where they are serving breakfast. We had breakfast, took some rest, inquired the route and started towards the other side of waterfalls.

In order to reach the other side of the waterfalls, you have take the path opposite to the shops, towards left of the waterfalls. You have to walk for almost 15 mins, the have to cross the bridge, then take right towards the waterfalls. The views of waterfalls from this side were awesome. I never expected such a beautiful view of waterfalls. We took pictures of waterfalls from almost all the view points and from any view point waterfall looked spectacular. After spending 1 hour there, we returned to our stating place. We hired an auto and reached islapur at around 11am. Luckily there was one bus @ 11.30 to nirmal and we boarded the bus. The route from islapur to nirmal is very bad, so be prepared for a roller coaster ride.

That's about my trip to sahastrakund waterfalls....Happy Traveling.

Krishna Srivatsa Nimmaraju / Author & Editor

Has laoreet percipitur ad. Vide interesset in mei, no his legimus verterem. Et nostrum imperdiet appellantur usu, mnesarchum referrentur id vim.


  1. Lovely falls. Thanks for sharing the details.

  2. Your posts have been really interesting, and helpful.

  3. Helpful Post. Thanks.
    Can you tell me how far we need to walk down to reach fall view point from parking and how is the path way, is it rocky, stairs or properly constructed.

    1. View point is just few steps away from the parking. But if you want to go other side of the waterfalls, you need to walk for atleast 30 mins, its a flat path.

  4. Wonderful place and good write up.


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